To learn more about moral psychology:

--Read The Righteous Mind: Why good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. (See the Introductory chapter here).

--Watch Jon Haidt's interview with Bill Moyers.

--Read the YourMorals Blog

--Read our most complete paper describing Moral Foundations Theory, in press at Advances in Experimental Psychology.


To learn more about applications of moral psychology to politics:

--Visit, to learn about why American politics has become so uncivil, and what you can do about it.

--visit, to see how your policy views compare to those of Obama and McCain.


To take part in research on moral psychology on the web:

--Our research site, with more than 60 scales and experiments, is:

--Brian Nosek runs Project Implicit, where you can take the famous IAT (implicit association test).

(Last updated Feb 2013)