Critiques of MFT, and our responses

List of empirical studies on sanctity; organized into four ways that sanctity differs from, or predicts different things, compared to harm

Moral Foundations Dictionary (created by Jesse Graham and Jonathan Haidt) -- For use with the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count program (, this dictionary provides information on the proportions of virtue and vice words for each foundation on whatever corpus of text you are interested in.

MFT and Text-Based Analysis; text-based analysis that utilizes and extends the Moral Foundations Dictionary, with a particular focus on short-form text (see also: Alizadeh et al., 2017; Garten et al., 2017Lin et al., 2017)

Word Count program (created by Mark Berry) -- Created as a supplement to LIWC for Graham, Haidt, & Nosek, in press, Study 4, this program provides count and proportion information for individual words and word-stems.

The Moral Foundations Challenge (this is a prize we offered in 2009 to people who challenged our original list of 5 foundations and proposed the best candidates for new foundations.)