On this page you'll find: 
     I) Videos that describe MFT
     II) Essays in the popular press that we have written, and 
     III) Press reports and major blogs about our research


I) Videos:


1) Above is an 18 minute talk that Jonathan Haidt gave at the TED conference in 2008, encouraging liberals and conservatives to “take the red pill,” and escape from the “matrix” of moralism in order to understand the real moral motives of both sides.

2) The Taste Analogy in Moral Psychology; Talk given by Jonathan Haidt at “The New Science of Morality,” An Edge Seminar, Washington CT, July 21, 2010.

3)  The Psychological Foundations of the American Culture War (or, how “liberal” became a dirty word). Aspen Ideas Festival, June 2011.


II) Essays we have written

  • Of Freedom and Fairness. Democracy Journal, Spring 2013. Gives a Moral Foundations analysis of the new front line in the American culture war. Now that progressives have decisively won the old culture war over social issues, the new front lines are over economic issues, which are really matters of fairness and liberty.
  • Romney, Obama, and the new culture war over fairness. Time Magazine, 10/8/12. A close analysis of the “you didn’t build that” and “47%” speeches.
  • The moral foundations of Occupy Wall Street. Reason Magazine, 10/20/11.
  • See the YourMorals.org Blog


III) Press reports and major blogs

  • Article in El Pais, by Luis Arroyo, using MFT to explain "What happened to the progressive soul?" (Dec. 2010)
  • Blog post by Michael Shermer, on Scientific American, on the psychological basis of political stereotypes (Dec. 2009)
  • Here is an article by Nicholas Wade that ran on the front page of the Science section of the New York Times (2007).